the gilded cage

i am like, reallllly getting into rush on this roadtrip? i blame the 47 paul rudd / jason segal / judd apatow movies i've watched on airplanes in the past few weeks.

as per usual, i've just used sheer ANNOYANCE to get the gals on board..i keep singing LIVING IN THE LIMELIGHTTTTTTT in my best geddy lee. The are all kinda hooked now too.


Isabel said...


(Geddy Lee)

mallory said...

Do yourself a favor and see them in concert! I scored free tickets a few summers ago, and damn if it didn't blow my mind.

laia. said...


Mike Wallace said...

too bad you're not swinging through Willowdale, Toronto, Canada, home of Rush!!!

Pop Into My Closet said...

hey! i´ve just found your blog and I love it! hope you can come to visit mine. I´ve just got it so there´s only one post but I´m so exited!!!!!!
see you!

brendan donnelly said...

duh, house painter music

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