gonna see the folks i dig

i have been out the nyc for a month and a day...i can't believe it.

i'm not ready to leave portland!
it's fine...i've already decided i'm coming back next month til the fall-ish.
new york in august, who needs it?

led zep / going to california

i will admit though...
my heart is jumping out of my chest with epic excitement at seeing brendan and kat and aviva and aya and jill and taco trucks and beaches and road trip planning...

gonna be the girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. for a couple days, at least.

HOBO CAMP OH NINE continues apace.

ps. i can't thank jill enough for letting me stay at her place this whole time. and luke & caprice were the best of the best with dinners and bbqs and general fantasticness, and lara & derek & nat couldn't have been better to me in seattle.

love to love you, pacific northwest...be back soon, i promise.


Isabel said...

Bahaha, hobo camp! Oh Elizabeth, you never cease to make me LOL.

jill said...

i miss you already. come back. i've also been to beaulahland 3 nights in a row now...

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