gypsies, tramps and thieves. and hairdos.

newest white lightning SUPER INSPIRATION:

cher's hair in mermaids!
god DAMN i want to look like this. like really really really. like now. like forever.
if i actually knew how to USE a blowdryer & brush to it's full potential you best believe i would do this every day.

it's perfect. perfect perfection.
superthick black bangs and waves and volume and 60s but not reallllyyy too ronettes for 09.

although what's wrong with the ronettes??!


answer: NOTHIN AT ALL.
so dope.

once again, all together now:

cher, winona & christina ricci mabes never looked better than in this movie. get your envy on over at my tumblr.


laia. said...

this is totally the vibe you were giving me when you were getting your hair did. i really shoulda taken a picture.

east side bride said...

iloveit. but you're gonna need hot rollers.

Natasha said...

mrs flax is hotter than hot.

mallory said...

Hey, for your previously mentioned flat bang problem: find a hairdresser and have them teach you to flat wrap. I have a major cowlick that would usually mean butt bangs, but the flat wrap changed my life.

Isabel said...

This is more subtle, but hey, you'd probably still look killer with a Ronettes 'do.

andrea said...

DUDE, Ronettes hair is my dream hair. I wish I had time for it every day. Mermaids is my fave Cher, I think.

Anonymous said...

it's amazing.. Its like texas and a cupcake all rolled into one on your head. *sigh* I wish.

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