heart explosions


marc jacobs, you lil heartpalpitating crotchthrobber you!
can you STAND IT?!
sorry, can't talk, falling in love with a photo from 16 yrs ago of a gay man with prettier hair than mine.

also, i am beyond jealous of his eyebrow game..i want MINE to look like YOURS.

1993 perry ellis era marc, WHITE LIGHTNING SALUTES (and wants to make out with) YOU.

(picture sent to me by steve via fashinfags)


Erin Bradley said...

yeah... big sigh and a deep breath. marc was my first super crush when i started to look at fashion magazines at 12. yep, marc jacobs and linda evangalista = TRUE LOVE.

Amanda said...

wow, never knew he looked quite that pretty

Mona said...

Marc is so gorgeoussss. Back then and now.

alexis said...

it's so unfair that he's gay, as he's so sexy

Isabel said...

"Crotchthrobber" = my sentiments exactly.

laia. said...



SomedayNewYorker said...

OMG. I feel like i just saw my dads old high school picture...if that makes sense.

Sailor Jamee said...

oh my good lord.
vintage marc jacobs...asdkjfasd;lfjk.
i love him more than i can explain right now.

Anonymous said...

Like I needed another reason to love Marc Jacobs! But this does it. I'm jealous of his hair (so pretty!) and his Docs.

Unknown said...

I think Marc looks great now, but I really miss him in all his long-haired grungy glory. I read in an old interview (sorry, don't remember which one) that he hated the way he used to look before he started working out and getting all those tatoos. What?!

the StReeT chanteuse said...

hawt stuff.

rem said...

I mean yeah, young Marc is hot... but I just kind of want that chicks awesome yellow and yet not blonde hair situation.

wall art said...

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