in the beginning

DAY ONE: los angeles to phoenix

that's us with the new love of our lives, KEVIN aka CHAMPAGNE THUNDER.
he is a mid90s ford aerostar and he is a DREAM.
his AC only comes through the floor and there is no AC in the backseat but YA KNOW WHAT? its the dopest ride for a 3,000+ mile trek ever.

love to love you, kevbo.

ps, don't think we aren't a little psyched to be a roving band of trouble that consists of a blonde, brunette, and a redhead..so far we've been a big hit.


b said...
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b said...

DhhsfhshhjJHAhywrthgh. I want a creme soda honeypot van.

PS - Can I link to WL on a blog post (I stumbled onto Luxirare via WL) I will possibly publish in the next few days?

Y.S.G.L said...

B A N G I N '

laia. said...

livin the dream!

Isabel said...

You guys are pretty much boss.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

miss you guys so much! drive champagne thunder BACK INTO MY HEART.

Shay said...

wicked fun.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

so good.
so sassy.
so wish i was introducing you to the masterful genius that is green chile myself.....

nesxt time you take a sabbatical, WE REALLY MUST coordinate better.

+i'm with steve..+we'll have to pop some champagne upon return.

Eli said...

shit, this makes me want to take a road trip sooooo bad! have fun!

Natalia said...

Aaaaw yeah!

Sheridan said...

I love your blog! these outfits are adorable! If you want to take a look at my fashion blog it's:

love it!

Vida said...

Phoenix is alright:

Unique Thrift on 7th ave and Indian School. Cheap!

Visit the 'Mystery Castle' at South Mountain for some kooky phoenix history!

Go to Ranch Market on 16th st and Roosevelt and have an agua fresca ( fresh fruit juice).. trust me you will need one!

Roosevelt row: 5th st and Roosevelt, coffee at conspire, vintage at Gold Lion boutique, beer at the Lost Leaf

Also, Salvation army on Central and Mohave has a lot of stuff...

bon voyage!

FashionLagniappe said...

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White Lightning said...

brandon..you can link wahtevs you want, sorry bout the late response!

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