let's remember the time

we took a wrong turn on our way to the tate last saturday and ended up at Idea Books. basically a dream destination for photo book and magazine junkies like myself.

i have wanted this juergen teller book for a while..it wasn't too expensive and i HAD TO HAVE IT. it was published in 1996, all the portraits are from the early 90s and they are SO FUCKING GOOD.

linda evangelista

look. at. linda.
do you fucking DIE?!
she was givin face like NOBODY'S BIDNESS.
i hate that she looks all botox-y now, it makes my heart hurt a lil.

courtney love

super iconic courtney love shoot, doy.
i feel like i remember this from SPIN but maybe not?
basically the sartorial inspiration for my junior & senior years of high school.

kristen mcmenamy

the real star of this book is kristen.
the pictures of her are so incredibly SICK.
the series above, the nudes with the lipstick are so so good. so off and twisted.
i feel like it's hard to appreciate juergen's style these days when everyone in the universe is a copycat but looking through this book you realize when it's GOOD it's fucking great.

more spreads with chloe, vivienne westwood, and kate moss on my tumblr. go see!!

i didn't buy a thing from topshop, just spent my cash at the bookstores in london and i couldn't be happier. more to come in the next week.


liza z. said...

I love the lack of photoshoppery, I was reading some mags from the mid 90's recently and appreciated actually seeing pores and makeup on their skin even veins, reminds me that they are flesh and blood people, not illustrations.

laia. said...

this shit is real man.

no, i dont know what the hell that means either... lack of doug is making me crazy?

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos :o I love Love

HEYHEY said...

juergen teller is amazzzzing

Raymi Lauren said...

sigh that book

liz said...

Kristen can do no wrong. Fab-u-lous.

Unknown said...

Kristin Mcmenamy was my very first girl crush in high school. She drips masculinity in the most feminine way possible. Every time i gazed on her i questioned my sexuality. In a good way.

Hm. This thing won't let me put my real web address/shamelessly self-promote. Foiled!

Its www.painfullyhip.com

Unknown said...

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