more n more

we picked up susan in colorado a few days ago.

4 girls in a van + thrift orgies across the midwest = a car full of crap.

ps,. i am so addicted to these very UNGIRLY brenda walsh boots that i bought in santa fe (they were my score of the day over at TEEN VOGUE, go look). i am wearing them with everything. so far teh weather has been supermildtimez and almost cold at night, but i have feeling that the BEAST that is the DIRTY SOUTH IN SUMMER will make me put them away, sadface.


T-Bonz said...

So....as your sister I was about to print a hater comment to the hater on the TV page...and then realized she is probs like 15. And the Latina Hermana in me wanted to kick her probably Uggs-with-skirts-in-the- summer wearing ass. Then I took a breath and just hollared at ya, Brenda.

Eyeliah said...

very cool, everyone is in a different style of shoes.

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