NEW YORK OR BUST! (what does that even mean??)

dear dear dearest bloggy blog bffs:

the SUMMER OF FREEDOM continues...time to begin the next level.

in case you haven't been playing along at home:
PHASE ONE included: bacon donuts, thrifting, bikes, beer, boys, not knowing what day it was, not caring what day it was, living on 8 dollars a day, and more boys.

PHASE TWO of my VISION QUEST begins tomorrow.


starting tomorrow, i will be piling all my (considerable) crap into a FORD AEROSTAR (2 rows of seats, WHUUUUUT) and heading east. i will be joined by the lovely KAT and JILL and we will be taking a couple weeks to get back to new yawk citay.

there will be thrifting and cavorting and weird motels and friends and bad food and music and hothotheat and ADVENTURE.

our roster, as of today, includes:

phoenix // santa fe // colorado springs // omaha // kansas city // memphis // nashville // louisville // charlottesville // baltimore

are you in any of these cities? do you have good recommendations, or maybe want to show us your favorite thrift or record store or pizza place or taco truck or ball of twine or penny arcade?

IF SO...holler at me!!!!!!!

this will all be recorded for posterity over on teenvogue.com, so PLEASE keep checking in there for my postcards from the road!


absolutely not said...

waaaait a cotton picking minute here sweetie. when are you going to be in colorado? if you say the end of july, well then we might have to have words. HOWEVER if you are going to be here anytime BEFORE then, let me know. i am trying to convince your sister to join me in the cape that week of july. anyway hollorado!!!

InnyVinny said...


Amanda said...

sounds amazing, wish i was spending my summer like this!! i am from baltimore, and there's a lot to see like one of the best aquariums ever and go to paper moon diner. the food is good but the decor is enough to make the visit. you'll see what i mean! it's not far from the baltimore museum of art if you want to do that kind of thing too. couple of good thrift stores/little shops on charles st which is generally just a cool street to walk up (it goes up hill as you go away from downtown)

laia. said...

plz to bring me Geoff back from Baltimore.


Matas said...

come to boulder, co! no pressure, but i love you... there is mediocre thrifting and spectacular sites here!! don't say no, it's gotta happen

Sunshine said...

and right next to baltimore is the city of brotherly thrifting with sunshine..

Elizabeth said...

Louisville is alright, but Lexington is really where you should be heading instead! Louisville might be bigger, but it's WAY more redneck. Lexington's downtown is full of lovely little treasures.

east side bride said...

no fucking fair.

Crystal said...

I used to live in Memphis where the kids ain't nothin but rad. Good Good choice.

And I know the Mitten isn't a pass through state, but it's a happenin state. In the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area we gots a brick dick AND Chris Bathgate. You should consider it.

mallory said...

Lawrence, KS! Good thrifting, good food, humidity!

Anna G said...

You're coming to Omaha??? It's fascinating and my hometown. The Old Market is pretty awesome, has lots of restaurants, they get pricy, and vintage shops. The clothes are not that amazing but if you are lucky you might find a treasure.
But you must go to the Donut Stop, it's open 10pm-10am. It's not open Saturdays and Sundays.
Email me if you want more ideas of places to hit.

ps. If you are there during the 24-25 they are having a celebration in town with loads of free concerts and events.

Erin Bradley said...

phoenix is a waste of your time. come to tucson! we are having the most beautiful monsoons right now. oh, in memphis go to: Schwab's Dry Goods Store 163 Beale Street Memphis, TN 38103. everything from mason memorabilia to white tube socks to fabulous southern bell hats (i got one in 2001) and OF COURSE graceland.

Amanda said...

i concur with someone above... i live an hour east of omaha and that city is pretty dang awesome! but she could show you around better than i. But make sure to go to the old market!! (if you want to get and AMAZING tattoo, go to big brain in the old market.. just sayin)

kflo said...

hey White Lightning! i found your blog via NYT The Moment...from Omaha. I just moved away, but I could probably hook you guys up with friends that live in Hotel Frank, a notorious party house/foundation of Omaha's indie scene. They're really nice people and could culturally take care of you...especially if you like PBR and house shows, and don't mind random paint fights at 3 am...haha. They host couch surfers and traveling bands all the time, so let me know....

my blog is www.kathleenflood.com, you can get a hold of me there!

Hanna said...

When are you gonna be hitting up Nashvegas? I know plenty of wicked places to shop/eat there, so just hit an email my way.

Unknown said...

Like a few other ladies here, I, too, am from Omaha but I actually currently live in Kansas City.
Lots to been seen and done in both cities! Feel free to email me, I'd love to be of any help!!

Betty said...

ah Baltimore!

Okay...Hampden: Minas, Charlotte Elliott, 9th Life for flower pins and other colorful accessories and many other nice boutiques and thrift stores on the main avenue (W 36th street). Federal Hill has this great vintage + new boutique with beautiful dresses, I can't remember the name but it is slightly down the street from the American Apparel. The American Visionary Arts Museum is a MUST. Somebody mentioned Charles Street: Sofi's Crepes is sooo good, and also I've never been, but Grand Central is this gay club that I hear gives generous portions of alcohol. In Mount Vernon: the Peabody library is beautiful and the Walters museum is nice. Fell's Point: Killer Trash is this tacky vintage place, heavy on the leopard print. If you go to Towson: 10 Car Pile Up is a huge vintage store, reasonably priced. And just drink lots and lots of Natty Boh and eat some Berger cookies and crab cakes (Gertrude's, the Baltimore Museum of Art's restaurant, has very good crab cake and they have 12 dollar entrees every Tuesday). Oh and you can take out dragon peddle boats in the Inner Harbor.

Unknown said...

if youre coming thru salt lake city you should go to decades. youd probably like it. there are other places, but decades has the best things as far as accessories and dresses go....

Isabel said...

I've heard Omaha has really good thrifting!

Unknown said...

If you're going to Kansas City anyway, you are well on the path to rolling into St. Louis, MO. Yes, we have a glorious Arch (biggest modern sculpture in America), insanely good/cheap thrifting, and two of the best record stores on the planet (Vintage Vinyl in the U. City Loop, and The Record Exchange which has a secret, gigantic room full of 45s).

St. Louis is also home to the City Museum, which is, as far as I can tell, entirely unique. Grown up ball pits, vintage pinball machines, life-size Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots, five stories of enchanted caves (complete with five story twisty slides), and the new rooftop expansion which includes a four story ferris wheel. On the roof. Of a ten story building.

So stop by St. Louis, because it's awesome.

Oh, and while in Baltimore, don't miss the American Visionary Art Museum. All outsider artists, all the time.

Vida said...
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Unknown said...

Kansas City: 18th street and Wyandotte: YJ's snack bar. Birdies underwear store next door. Try and hook up with anyone who knows Whoop Dee Doo or the SSION. they know exactly where the parties are.

Dar said...

^to Lia, I've been to YJ's, its so good!

to WL: I go to school in Colorado Springs. Head to Colorado Ave to Swish and Eve's Revolution for secondhand and vintage, and go to the ARC thrift store on Uintah for random and amazing adventures, all the kids go there before theme parties. And I go there for everyday outfits.

For Nashville, I just went through there at the beginning of the summer and did a whole write-up on my blog of the shopping hotspots, though I'm sure its not complete since I'm not a native!

happy trails!

Artsy Geek said...

This is really cute, I wanna to this with my artsy friends someday <3

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