nobody sparkles like you

i can't find a video for liz phair's 'nashville', which is annoying becuase i am IN NASHVILLE. lamesauce.

how about a live version of 'fuck & run' from 1995? that's what i can do for you. track down nashville yrself and listen to it; ONE DAY i will learn how to post an mp3 on this dang thing. thing being blog.

beginning our 12th day on the road. i keep mixing up the cities and the stories and the what whats.

i will be back in new york in 4 days. i don't feel ready, can i admit that to all of you?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE NASHVILLE! fav places to eat: loveless, satco (san antonio taco company), sperrys (if u have some cash to blow on a fancy dinner),pancake pantry. hit up hillsboro village for some boutiques! have fun yall!

Shay said...

haha, you should just stay on the road, there's still a month of summer left. Sounds like you are having an amazing time!!

Shay said...

btw you have to check out the 1968 Fredericks of Hollywood catalogue I uploaded recently, so up your alley.

Isabel said...

I wish I was around for the cool Liz Phair. All I got was her Hilary Duff-inspired slutty phase.

laia. said...

is there a welcome back party in the works?
i feel like it needs to happen!

Elizabeth said...

If you're considering going to Lexington next instead of Louisville (which you totally, totally should be) here are some places you should check out:

Third Street Stuff, an adorable boutique/coffee and sandwich shop combo

Tolly Ho, a 24-hour greasy cheap food joint with cheesy fries known to cure hangovers. Trust.

sQecial Media, a book/card/incense/random stuff shop like two doors down from the Ho

Common Grounds, a small, really good coffee shop

and Calypso, a little boutique with really cool clothes and amazing vintage boots.

Louisville's got nothing on Lex, seriously...

Stephanie Kim said...

liz phair is amazzing! my favorite song by her is "extraordinary"

Unknown said...

Oh sounds like you are having a wonderful time huh. ;D

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Six Six Sick said...

AHHH this song is such a classic, takes me back to high school.


Paul Pincus said...

love her.

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