pre-teen love

one of the TRULY great shows of my formative years came out on DVD last week.

hi parker hi. his shirt is very hussein chalayan slash christopher kane resort, no?

parker lewis can't lose was the other show besides 90210 that i would tape every week on my ancient 1970's vcr so i could watch the episodes over and over and over again.
it was a sort of absurdist slapstick-y teen comedy that broke the 4th wall- talking to the camera non reality stuff .
i was pretty obsessed.

i mean..i say "truly great" because it was so epic in my memory..
i think i thought it was superfunny.
i know i thought corin nemec was the cutest boy of all times.
OG crotchthrob.
proto bass.
approx. 18 yrs B.R. (before ronson).
ya know what i'm saying.

hold up, i just realized something:
my teevee star bone fantasies are always so CLEAN CUT while my IRL lust-targetz are ususally such dirty dirts.
what does this all mean.....?

basically nothing.
i'm just boy crazy.


Dee said...

Thanks for reminding me of this show! I used to watch reruns on some random channel, and was thinking about it the other day, but I didn't know what it was called... Actually, I never knew what it was called, since it was dubbed in Spanish and I mostly stumbled into it while channel surfing. But I do remember it had an epic quality to it.

rose said...

oh my gawd. i LOVEEEED this show! and why was it not on for long? they canceled it way to early. adding it to my netflix list pronto.
and TOTALLY agreed on coin nemec = hottie.

Isabel said...

I highly approve of this B.R. crush. I'd do anyone wearing that shirt.

Paula said...

Gosh I completely adored this show I need the DVD now.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

dude, that shirt needs to be mine.

and i really really hope that it's as good as i remembered it. remember when the ferris bueller tv show came out and it PALED in comparison?

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

right on target with the shirt spotting+by the by..steve just taught me what IRL means...what would i do without you guys.

p.s.the code for this is "resting"..i think they know what your up to out there in gypsy land.

Anil said...

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