scissor happy

yeah uh..really feeling CROP TOPS right now?
blame that crochet situation i got in kansas city.

tourist tees from bleecker street + snip snip snip + high waisted skirts & boots = my new favorite thing to wear ever.

ps, the (d)evolution of my style post-CUBICLE EMPLOYMENT is hilarious. where are my combat boots?


Amanda said...

way to take something like tourist tees and make them look ultra fucking radical!!!

Emily Sher said...

ugh this happened to me at the beginning of summer. like, "this would look cuter cropped..."

Kylie said...

Umm, you've convinced me to just DO THIS ALREADY! How fly do you look!???

Tommorow. Beach. Me in s crop top.


laia. said...

oh shit dude, you are ROCKIN it.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...


Pudgie said...

nice antlers

Isabel said...

I almost bought that shirt when I was in NYC last year, it's kinda epic.

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