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reason number 850 million why i love my dear friend kat

pic by kat, duh

not only did she BUY that hat, but she is totally gonna wear it.

courtesy of the scariest thrift store in santa fe...there was a cracked out dude shuffling around wearing a baja with a belt over it and a winter hat (next level?)...


T-Bonz said...

I mean.... this looks the movie poster for some type of crazy buddy episode of the original Degrassi/the cover of the older set of Baby Sitter's Club books? You know, when Logan liked MaryAnn?

that being said. i am jealz of this journey.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

you guys are the best!
green chile cheers.

Madeleine Marie said...

what thrift store in santa fe was this?

brodie said...

enough about that guy- look at that ensemble of yours! i la-ha-haarrrve it! oy.

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