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1. nashville!

score of the day: JILLS HAT! love, need, want.

2. nashville

photo of the day: ladies at the opry, thrift outfits all the way

3. nashville

TRAGEDY! kev's last moments (and jill's thrifted acid wash)


score of the day, this sweater was less than a dollar, whuuuut


Isabel said...

That deer sweater makes me want to finds you, stalk you and steal the sweater. It's stalker worthy.

Carlen said...

celery stalker
ps i miss you

Unknown said...

man, this is good loving

Unknown said...

What are You doing in Nashville and Louisville? Those are My Towns. You haven't heard my Psy-Trance mixes yet. They're unreleased. The B-Boys should have my Underground Hip Hop From 93. They haven't been released either. There's really only one good track. As Kryp as it Gets. The Psy-Trance is Good. I was looking for Linda The Evangelist Updates when I came across your page. I'm in Marin County Now. I keep the Fam in Tennessee and Kentucky. I know Lin-alis-sa from Naval Hopi Indian Intelligence Project. I miss her.

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