updates updates updates over at TEEN VOGUE

check out:

(my new favorite city!!)

streetstyle: the kids at hotel frank. new favorite people awards, all of 'em

score of the day: susan's jungle bellbottoms

musical appreciation: desaparecidos

snapshot of the day: home cafe


Young Damsel said...

teen vogue?! umm that's awesome!

thesmallviking said...

my cross country adventure just got rerouted through omaha. right this second. look at those boxes of shoes!

Betty said...

this boy I had a huuuuge crush on a few summers ago was from Omaha. He kept on talking about how cool it was. I just thought he was repping the hometown, but sounds like he was right

laia. said...

dude, so radical!

Isabel said...

Yeah, I love these Teen Vogue posts!

liz said...

I love those jungle bellbottoms.

corrie said...

Haha you just made my day. I'm from Omaha originally, spent 18 of my years there.

I actually recognized one of the kids in your street style - too bad you didn't get my best friend there...a sprightly little gay dude. He is too big for that town and I'm guessing a lot of the kids you met are as well. Glad you got to see where I grew up, and appreciate it!

Anna G said...

Is it sad I recognize those kids from hotel frank? Now I really want to go visit. Also, I now have to go to that vintage shop, my favorite one closed recently. :(

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