they didn't play this song

went to a sonic youth show last night for the first time since i was a teenager...we are ALL considerably OLDER, oopsydoops. (the beat goes on)

they were great. kim looked dope and i think she was wearing marc jacobs? thurston moore is still crazy hot, that is just truesnfacts.

kansas city was a great daytime city, but the nightlife was just ok? we met some great folks and i have a bunch of posts coming on TV about it.



lisa tomiko said...

go to ernestine & hazel's in memphis! it used to be an old brothel and it still kinda looks like one. def my favorite bar there.

Graham Smith said...

Thurston Moore being "hot" is quite possibly one of the most cognitively dissonant thoughts that hath ever crossed my brain-threshold.

Anna G said...

Hey, when you come to Omaha. Hit me up. I love to give you a tour in your crazy van. We can head to some crazy hotspots in S. Omaha(Mexico).

Unknown said...

true datt
i love thurston
and i'm quite jealous

brodie said...

100% video = where sofia met spike. and jason lee was considerably cuter.

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