too easy

i mean.

this is a real fucking place.
in IOWA.
the town is located in THE YEAR NINETEEN FIFTY THREE.

the one motel boasted "telephones and color TV".

this lil gem 'STONER DRUG' has a soda fountain with booths INSIDE the drugstore. you sit at a counter and eat a grilled cheese for like $1.50 right next to the shelves of cold medicine and lady products. UNREAL.


best take away EVER: you get a free lil plastic pillbox that says STONER DRUGS on it. awww cmon, stop bein so cute.


Kristin said...

baahahaha this is hamburg, isn't it? did you visit the popcorn factory too? welcome to my home state!

Amanda said...

fuck yeah, i need to go there

liz said...

mmmm, grilled cheeeese.

Isabel said...


Shay said...

hahaha, too funny!

Anonymous said...

hell yeah iowa.

Anonymous said...

haha hilarious.

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