all growns up

my dearest readers,

there comes a time in every longhairedbejangledbro-lovers life when certain bone fantasies need to be laid to rest.

a crotchthrob housecleaning, if you will.

as i did my daily perusal of dlisted (michael dlisted, when will we be the bff f f f f's that i know we are DESTINED to be?!) i saw this picture of my former epic and heartstopping crushtimes CISCO ADLER:

and (to quote the latina bitch in a chorus line) i felt NOTHING.

sad! what happened? he still rocks a motherfuckin JANGLE like no one's bizness, but..i mean...i dunno. it's not the same; i've lost that lusty lovin feeling.

perhaps my brainbonespace is too full right now?
current lineup: the old dude from CSI, seth rogan in the 40 yr old virgin, a young pete townshend, chuck bass, mark ronson, and the top chef boygirl mindwarping heartbreaker.

this realization of MOVING ON sent me deep into THE DEEP DUSTY PAST aka my MYSPACE BLOG (oomg, whaaat) and i found this lil gem, enjoy it:

i shall now lay this lustiest of lustcrushes to rest.
may your freakishly long balls rest in peace.

forever yourz,


A Love Bizarre said...

no one could be more hilare. They could try, but it would be impossible.

Shannon said...

I second that. "Hilare" is what you are.

Gabby said...

crotchthrob housecleaning!

you crack me up.

east side bride said...


Unknown said...

love this post! Lustcrushes are the easiest relationships to move on from ;-)
And in your Cisco crushin time - I totally agree with your myspace blog thoughts.

Eunice said...

Haha hilarious! I am in love with Ashley too from Top Chef, although French guy Mattin is pretty cute too. I dunno but I prefer them girlz most of the time. (:

Anonymous said...

oh man, crushdeath is brutal. hilari, yes you are ma'am

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

ahahah long balls. gross.

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