at at at at at at nite

dudes. i don't know.
but like...at a certain time of the night? in a magical house, on a magical lawn, drinking magical potions, with a magical crew?

...when all those things happen?

you think: i am gonna put on a 1960's bathing suit romper thing and a cape.
in a room full of lattice wallpaper.
and then i am going to rejoin the party.

i can't explain it, i think quogue brings out the beale in me.


liz said...

Oooh yes. I love it.

liz said...

P.S...depending on how obsessed you are with the Beales (I am, very), you may like these: http://greygardenscoloringbooks.com/

laia. said...

dude! amazing.

Shay said...

scandalous! ;)

Iris said...

wonderful. the lattice really fucks with the perspective though. man. took me ages.

Jules said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day ahead. =D

Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

josephine said...

don't suppress the beale! nevar suppress the beale! ;)
I love reading your blog! It always makes me so happy


mary van note said...

I'd rock that, lattice wallpaper and all.

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