does mark ronson read POP?

i'm sorry, but there my be a little bit of POP OVERLOAD on this blog for the next few days, i am JUMPING AROUND with excitement to see ourselves in the issue!!!

here is one scan so far, we clean up pretty good, IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF:

the photos were shot by jamie morgan, who was a tiny bit of an older brit dude crush for me, i can't lie.
i was TERRIFIED of this photoshoot, and having anxiety attacks, and he made me feel totally chill and i actually..had fun?

except for the fact that he kept calling us "punky funky nerds". punky funky? NERDS? ok fine, i can take nerd. but FUNKY sounds like moms buying feather boas for a GALS NIGHT OUT.

i got to wear gucci and now i have a decent photo of myself for when i get real old.
can't wait to share the rest when i get it....!


Isabel said...


And for your sake, I really hope he does read Pop.

spectaclealamaison said...

tres tres cool! i'd buy you a drink if I could;) congretz!!! and
maybe your efforts will make the magazinemob over here in the netherlands think twice on ditching
pop from the stores...

geri hirsch said...

AMAZING! congratulations!

Tavi said...


Amanda said...

looking dope ladyaa!!! love all you guys. look so good

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! Way to rock the Gucci. I'm crossing my fingers for you that Mark Ronson does read Pop.

Emilie said...

That is so sick.

laia. said...


vito and mark fightin over yous!

Katy said...

I'm buying it I'm buying it. I'm buying it.

liz said...

You look like a bad ass in that photo.

Ava Darling said...

that's how me & my friends evaluate pictures, too. by their quality of proving to our grandchildren that we used to be quite the hotties despite our now withered looks. ha!

josephine said...

that's so rad! good for you!


brendan donnelly said...

kapow! hot like fi-yah

White Lightning said...

thank you thank you thank you everyone!! i was seriously about to PUKE from anxiety about the shoot; ask poor laia, she had to deal with me all morning being a freak about it.

i can't wait to scan the whole thing; we all cast the models and styled the shoots and TOOK the pictures in our lil zine and i also have an article in the actual mag! pretty excited..

lulu said...

Woo congrats! Rooks guuud.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

so proud love.

i'm totally buying tomorrow!

(exclamation points all around)

bdonns hit it right...
ka-pow indeed!


gawd damn big tings!!!!!!
coming to nyc soon time, you back?


swallow glitter said...

you look AMAZING!!! loving your blog

lnetaue said...

yeahhh i found ur blog in POP !!! GREAT!!!!!!

Nicola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A La Mode said...

Congratulations! So awesome! xxx

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