five minutes in the closet with you

god i love when i find a vid with an old 120 minutes intro..LEWIS LARGENT talking about the upcoming film "reality bites" and juliana hatfield all ana'd and angsty...HAPPY FRIDAY, LOVERPANTSES!

...bottle's on the ground, are you ready now?


wool and misc said...

you are the queen of the 90s.

Isabel said...

Ahhh, the upcoming film Reality Bites! Such a good movie, and SO JEALOUS of the comment above.

Mary Blakemore said...

oooh i love veruca salt too

Luke Warner said...

i JUST found your site and there are so many tangentially Reality Bites-related things I'm spotting. Loving it all. I'm late for a jean folding seminar...but I'll be back. For sure.

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