i can feel the hysteria, even on the west coast

marc jacobs talks after partayyys over at the cut:

"We’re doing it with Visionaire and we’re doing it for Lady Gaga"
i mean, DUH DUH DUH. why she isn't starring in the MJ FW 09/10 campaign is BEYOND ME!

so fashion is JUST now accepting gagagagagaglunacy as SO DOPE, is it awesome or a bummersville that she can get the real things and mabes doesn't need to crafternoonitize a headpiece and leotard for her daily coffee run? unclear.

btdubs, "doin it for lady gaga" is my new mantra


Unknown said...

I dunno, I liked when Mark Jacobs clothes were more urban geeky....

OnePerfectMorning said...

ok, so marc jacobs thinks lady gaga is cool.. big fucking deal, should i mention that marc jacobs as a sponge bob tattoo?

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