i used to have a steady paycheck?

this sunday will be the appearance of the first issue of T Magazine that i haven't fully worked on in almost 4 years...it feels so strange! i know i will feel a little twinge as i flip through the pages..

the women's fall fashion issue is also the 5th anniversary of T, and i hope you all get your hands on a copy or 5 (there are multiple, MULTIPLE covers). jeff koons T cover!!! also: REDESIGN!

congratulations to the T peeps (at least the ones that read this blog), i am sure it's going to be AMAZE.
special special hearts and love for chris martinez and david sebbah who i miss like crazy and are the dudes responsible for making this thing look so top notch.

ok, enough babbling about my PAST LIFE; can i get the sunday times in portland or WHAT?

ps i DID work on 'the strip' section, twas my last hurrah. cant wait to see it on page...

pps, if we all weren't sure:
this has been the craziest year of my fucking life, truest.of.fax.


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