i used to have a steady paycheck?

this sunday will be the appearance of the first issue of T Magazine that i haven't fully worked on in almost 4 years...it feels so strange! i know i will feel a little twinge as i flip through the pages..

the women's fall fashion issue is also the 5th anniversary of T, and i hope you all get your hands on a copy or 5 (there are multiple, MULTIPLE covers). jeff koons T cover!!! also: REDESIGN!

congratulations to the T peeps (at least the ones that read this blog), i am sure it's going to be AMAZE.
special special hearts and love for chris martinez and david sebbah who i miss like crazy and are the dudes responsible for making this thing look so top notch.

ok, enough babbling about my PAST LIFE; can i get the sunday times in portland or WHAT?

ps i DID work on 'the strip' section, twas my last hurrah. cant wait to see it on page...

pps, if we all weren't sure:
this has been the craziest year of my fucking life, truest.of.fax.


hazel said...

true. fox.
the jeff koons cover looks AMAZIN
p.s. have you seen the Lady Gaga "My Little Pony" ???

Tavi said...

but I am really psyched. and glad my parents care about the world, because that means we'll get this on our doorstep Sunday. That is the only plus to them caring about the world, though.

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