mad wings

i got this sweater when i went DEEP thrifting into methtown the other day...it's pretty fucking dreamtown, i love it!

the sleeves are HUGE, this shit is AVANT. i hve it tucked in to a denim skirt which is maybe not the LEAST BULKY look for a gal, but i'm just going for it.

whoever this "MOM" character is, she should get her own sweater line. this is the best thing i have bought in a while.

bought a bullet keychain at this sick army navy store, it's my new jangle jam. (with my lucky coin)

these deena& ozzy white oxfords that i got a while ago at urban are what i wear with everything these days.

thank god the 90 degree bullshit that was happening here has slowed its roll.
it's 66 at 2 Pm and i couldn't be happier. SO the kind of summer i can can get down with!


Stephanie said...

omgz - i kind of need those oxfords SLASH these: http://tinyurl.com/n22pav

Isabel said...

That sweater is pretty boss. I love Mom.

Jenna said...

awesome sweater!


edgecakez said...

love EVERYTHING, bo. also, deep thrifting in methtown is only for the TRUE thrifters of the world. the last paradise! i hope you go with shank tucked in skirt. miss you desperately! x

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