maybe it's my meds talking?

this is really uncool, universe. i mean, i am WEAK, ok?
i am just geting over intense feverosity, aches, general miz, and then..this happens.

this is put out into the world, and my innocent and fragile HEART is SHATTERED. (i am not talking about lady gaga's supposed teeny weiner).

who thinks this is ok?

i went so far into NOPES with this shit it becamee a NERPS.
few things reach NERPitude. NERP is for like: paris hilton, dudes with nail polish, that haircut where all your hair is combed over your face, and ed hardy air fresheners.

i cant believe my true blue fireburning love got me to this level but..this is the worst pic ever and these shoes (for gucci?!) are sort of a bust. dudes that read this blog..would you wear these?!

MARK!! marrkkkkkk. why whyyyy. you're better than this. i luh you...
i feel faint.


Matt said...

I almost fell for this whole strange boat shoe revival, but thankfully I came to my senses. They aren't totally awful, just a little precious for my tastes. But I think the real issue here is what the heck is going on with his hair, it's a real feat to make Mr. Ronson look less than flawless.

mukelarvin said...

I kind of agree with Matt. They're not horrible but I'm starting to see a lot of weird boat shoe/other shoe mashups these days.

I'll just stick with the red Sperry topsiders I got at Value Village.


Mona said...

Haha, he's still my one and only <3

Anonymous said...

Oh noes. This makes me sad. And I didn't think he could ever make me sad. I hope that bored look he's sporting in the ad is because he's regretting those shoes.

Betty said...

ha, I like the high-tops Sam Ronson just did better

Iris said...

shoes aren't death but yeah, the picture sucks. but WHERE did you find ed hardy air fresheners? and WHY? haha.

Isabel said...

Boat shoes are okay I guess, but what is the point of a high top version? I'm not seeing it.

foreverjakers said...

eh the shoes are okay-its the photograph that sucks monkeyballs

would i wear these? probably. if i were to suddenly be tripping on acid and feeling all uber-patriotic

but on a day-to-day basis..eh

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