my magic is real, too

white lightning new favorite people in portland / record on repeat ALERT:
claire & jona aka YACHT !

more than a few people have been telling me recently that i would LOVE the new yacht record..they were so right, it rules.

claire took me, marisa and bdonns thrifting yesterday deep in gresham, which is basically where all the crazy METH STORIES of portland come from. holy shit. there were some scary ass people in these stores.

but i found amazing shit (those posts are pending) and claire got hero status for the epic thrift spots and best banh mi knowledge. she is also supergame for when i get into my OMG YOU NEED THIS PUT IT ON RIGHT NOW BUY IT HOLYSHIT phases, especially when the item in question is a white suit jacket with sheer sleeves and gold buttons (spoiler alert, she bought it and looks AMAZE. trust!).

anyways...check out this record, you know you are so tired of your itunes right now.

get into it!


Hazel said...

do you listen to The Blow?
you'd like them too!

Kylie said...

how did you know I'm sick to death of my itunes?
I've only heard one yacht some before, and I wasnt too impresses. Nevertheless, I'll take your advice and give them another go, k?


Lauren said...

i saw them this past spring and they were so good! sooooo much energy. :)

Isabel said...

I'm pumped for your thrift posts! They are always my fave. ;)

Sbrilli said...

haha Gresham is soooo gnargnar! But has a huge ass Goodwill!!! Score!

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