reunited and it feels so good. except when going uphill.

got my bike back from jill's house. lost my mind along the way.

the croptop to rule them all, tracy feith for target skirt (it looks like curtains from a 1960s motel, and its thick like upholstery fabric. love), beatup brogues.

i got a couple looks in this outfit, what's that about. as far as i am concerned it is beyond normz. stripes n leaves, it's classic like peanut butter n bacon (what? i'm spending too much time alone).

ps, can someone get me new FACE? theeeeeeenks, pay you back later.


Anonymous said...
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Nice and Shiny said...

Not only your fav shirt, but I think it's MY new fav shirt too... I keep thinking about the mad crop tops you've been sporting lately. Seriously, I think you rock the crop top harder than ANYONE else on the blogoshere. Heck, mpre than anyone I've ever seen!
You deserve a medal


Xu Box said...

I am a fan of overalls! Great blog.

white lightning said...

good grief, JAN from grease? the homely one with the twinkies?! fuck.i am sorry, but i am hard pressed to take that as a compliment...

nice n shiny thank you THANK YOUUUU..get on it gurl, its ADDICTIVEEE

Isabel said...

"The homely one with the twinkies"... LOL. What is that even supposed to mean? I haven't seen the movie.

Leah said...


that skirt was on clearance at target. for 8.50. in a size 1.

i ran away and cried in a corner.janwishesshewasyou.

Eliza J said...

I love the look, it's kinda granny chic! Smoking!


Anonymous said...

no no no!
i meant your haircut, thats about all. sorry that was kinda rude, i kinda rethought that comment after i sent it!!
didn't mean to offend you or anything
i do love your blog so much!

white lightning said...

aw it's ok emily, really! (thanks)

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