she used rave as a verb

best thing about yesterday was seeing la roux at all points west.

she loves that jangle

she was playing at the 3rd stage, which was at the front of the festival, which was about 900 miles (approximate) from the dry and non-muddy comfy couch in the vip tent, and so i was a TAD grumpy when marlow said we had to go...

but i WENT, through the endless muddy bog of eternal stench, and i loveeeeddd them.

elly jackson, who i want to call 'la roux', is pretty cutedorable.
she is either molly ringwald in duckie's clothes, or she is both of the eurythmics put together.

i mean:



annie and dave at once

basically =

elly yesterday at APW

not no, YES!

after listening to what i can find online, i gotta say i prefer the live versions of her songs. She's rougher and more interesting. The recorded tracks are little too clean.
but she is still kinda great. (i think 'quicksand' is my fave? but it's all pretty danceydanceyfun)

i want her to cover yaz's only you. or maybe just recreate this scene from pretty in pink. i can play annie potts.
i'll take either (both).


east side bride said...


I needed that this morning.

di fabulous said...

i saw her the day before at osheaga...she was fantastic, total festival highlight.

molly and duckie's love child? mmmmethinksyes

Lisa? said...

Bulletproof pretty much rocks my world sideways on a daily basis.. love her hard.

Gnarlitude Jen said...

she kinda looks like a poor man's lissy trullie. i'll probably not dig the music so i'll leave the comparisons there.

nickythekid said...

I saw her on It's On with Alexa Chung today and she was wearing a smoking jacket!


Rae said...

I watched Pretty in Pink last night. How strange.

I always wished Duckie ended up with Andie. T ^T

josephine said...

RIP john hughes, long live DUCKIE!!!

Unknown said...

This time baby I'll beeeee Bulllleeetttproof!!


canvas prints said...

Ahh yeah I love it, She's going in for the kill.

stephensam said...


Unknown said...


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