WHOAAAAAA. time to get my head out of the gypsy caravan and back into the FASHION CIRCUS.

rodarte for target? (targarte? ro-targ-et? what?)


this is the best news i have EVER HEARD.
blood stained chiffon dresses for the masses! knitted up sweater leggings for all! thigh high hip wader hooker boots for...my mom? SURE!

i am so excited and i JUST CAN'T HIDE IT.
getting DECEMBER 20 (the drop date) tattooed on my other arm.


Erin Bradley said...

you crack me up.... nice to have read this after a long day at work. and yeah, totally agree, awesome.

josephine said...

I know! My best friend found out on livejournal or some crap like that and immediately alerted me due to my neverending love for these ladies.

(I went with Rotarget when I posted it on my blog) :D


Sunshine said...

one of each please. i don't even have to see them. they don't have to be in my size. i will make it work.

Elizabeth said...

Dec 20th?! EEEE! Best birthday present EVER!

Six Six Sick said...

targarte==best headline ever. Wish they had better timing though. Will have to reschedule all previous holiday travel plans around Dec. 20.


Isabel said...

I have never been so excited for anything in my LIFE. They better be selling this shit on the website (and shipping to Canada) or else somebody's gonna get hurt.

Shaneeza Aziz said...

i'm working on casting this project. it's going to be good!!!!

noirohio vintage said...

soooo stoked.

Obiuser said...

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