there will always be queens on the rag

haters, i need you to take a seat. BITCH is looking DOPESHOW.

while i do not love a gwen stefani reference (which this hair has SOUPÇON of) i DO love TRUTH OR DARE era MADONNZ which this look is 900% about.

basically i think 99% of life's sartorial references can (and should) be gleaned from truth or dare, truesclues.

ps, while they are IMPROVING, the only thing that gaga constantly mystifies me with is her bad bad BAD shoe & bag choices. and not, like, BAD as GOOD, just BAD as WHA? they are almost always a NERP. sup with that?

pps 2 gaga posts in a row, shtoops.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

maybe it's the reverse of what regular people do, i.e. instead of dressing regular and then going crazy w/shoes and 'ccessories, she just goes CRAZY ON YOU in the clothing and wears snoresville shoes/bags?


Agent Lover said...

los gagaz there she goes again! delimshkwiss. I am working on an old skoo madonna blog right now too! MISS DEM DAYS!


Anonymous said...

I feel like I spend half my time when I'm at the shop now polishing up those bras for Gaga, she has so many now!
so Madonna!x

Isabel said...

Whoah - it's like John Lennon, an Ukranian Granny and a dominatrix all rolled up into one delightful package.

A La Mode said...

Fuck I didn't even recognise her. I do love her... she's so awful.....ly good! I can't decide, i love her even if i do hate her

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