they'll arrest you for wearing red shoes on a thursday

birthday mayhem in quogue for the enthusiast this past weekend. at the PARTY of the PARTY WEEKEND, there were multiple outfit changes made by most and at a certain point i had to document how fucking OUTSTANDING the girls that i am lucky enough to know are.

louise: this skirt is covered in JUNGLE ANIMALS. its a fucking topnotch THRIFT FIND from maine. die? oh and those ACNE laceup boots that i wannnntttttttt.

katkatkat, birthday girl!! umm FIRST? this is a DRESS. and SECOND it is vintage bill blass from her mom's closet. WIN! yellow espadrilles, i am sure they are from spain. a vision, as usual.

mercedez! i basically cried when i saw this dress because it is so up my alley. thrifted 70s polychiffon. with the sleeves and hem scissor chopped by cedez right before the party (just like i woulda done). bright green canvas wedges! shes so cute. i think we are kindred psychocolor sisters.

cuckoo print fanatics, all of us. quite drunk too at this point, OOPSYDOOPS.


THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

I L O V E Y O U S O M U C H.

funnest porchparty boccebirthday ediewatching tiedyedreaming watermeliquoring dressupdancing yet.

thank you for making everyday feel like a birthday and for making this birthday feel like a dream.


Shay said...

adroable pics! Too cute.

Isabel said...

You have superstylish friends!

hard liquor; soft holes said...


josephine said...

hahaha yes! awesome

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