the wild one, forever

hey nowww...WHITE LIGHTNING is TWO years old today!!

click it to dig it!

good grief..i can't really believe it, that seems both like the longest time ever and no time at all, right?
the past 12 months have been completely bonkers for me personally and BLOGULARLY.

some highlights: my NYT article on tavi & arabelle & teen bloggerz (over A YEAR AGO, really-ahem), this dude KANYE blogging about me (!), having a pretty mayjah milestone birthday (sigh), getting bangs (like, SO IMPORTANNNNT), quitting my job and becoming a gypsy (in progress)... i mean, it's been a massive year, to say the least.

but you know what? i don't want to look back. (...ok, except to the 90s, obvs) (ok yah, and except in the picture above. but that's all, i swear!)

i want to look forward. FORWARDTIMEZ. SEE THE FUTURE. yahhhh.

this blog has totally altered my life in so many weird wonderful ways. so many cool opportunities, so many great people, so much insanity that is still to come.

allow me to say:

thank you thank you thank you to everyone who reads and comments and compliments and emails and comes up to me to say hi at random sporting events...doing this wouldn't be half as fun without all of you, swearswearpinkieswear.

now i shall crack open a miller high life and toast this lil bloggyblog, i love it so.
while you say "but...it's early morning", i say "time waits for no blog". cheers!

vintage birthday shot..seems apropos

exes and ohs 4 life brahs,
White Lightz
the whitest white light ya know



Heyoooo! Brap. or some such nonsense.
goddamnit what you do with this blog is nuttin short of white lightning.

loves. every day.

Isabel said...

Elizabeth, you're the best! So much good stuff to look back on!

marc horowitz said...

nice work. sad i wasn't mentioned in the highlights, but...
have fun over there

laia. said...

merci pour les adventures!
(irl and otherwise)

Shay said...

Happy birthday! You are always the funnest read out there.

rem said...

Uh oh, terrible twos...

Agent Lover said...

Yay!! Congratulations SEXY!!!


brendan donnelly said...

happy birdday

Anonymous said...

Congrats! My own blog is barely 3months old, I hope it's as good as yours in two years! <3

Katy said...

Congrats!! You are SUPER NEAT!

josephine said...




ryder said...


InnyVinny said...

Congrats!! =D

edgecakez said...

feliz cumpleaƱos, bo blog!

Kylie said...

Yeeehah! Go you! Congrats big time, 2 years is a seriously long time in the blogging world espesh for people who post so frequently and so AMAZINGLY! I'll never stop checking up on WL, hope to come to New York next year and hit the thriiiiifts!

Big Love!

White Lightning said...

thank you thank you thank youuu xoxoxo

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