all i want is everything

i would wear everything that alexandre herchcovich sent down the runway.
all of it. rubber babydolls, metallic hoboplaid shirts, crazy color pattern EVERYTHING.

those 2nd, 3rd, and 4th looks are RUBBER! give it

as the show progressed the volume just became more and more PRONOUNCED. there was a bit of a football pad situation that just went haywire...

red metal cage skirt! giant shouldered balloon shirt!

..until it culminated in a piece that was really wearing the model, it was like she was wearing a quarterback ballerina birdcage. i was so jealous i couldn't breathe.




i want to go to there. take me, please?


Kylie said...

Can you see those wedgie-creator grannypannies in the 2nd pic? Yeah, i want them. WITH FOOTBALL PADDED SHOULDER GEAR! Ahhh this is too good. I'd love to see the rubber pieces up close. And when i say see them up close, i mean rape them


Meaghan said...


p.s. have you seen this? gaga before she was legend. insane.

Claire Geist said...

that is for sure an explosion of epic awesome

i can't hate crazy colors & AUGH those textures are magic

Bárbara Rosa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bárbara Rosa said...

when brasilian fashonistas saw wang's footballers, they got a little bit worried. i say, it's goddam herchcovich, for heavens sake!

but i must confess i fell for wang's leather and lack of collor a lot more.

Ellie said...

mid 90s bon jovi bonus album track blog title... intentional? god i'm a loser whichever way you answer x x x

julieet said...

alê é tudo mesmo.

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