and here we go

okokokok.. NY fashion week! how to do it all and blog? seems unpossible.

here is me yesterday on DAY ONE, a shadowy picture of INTRIGUE

vintage frock, hemmed about 40 inches, from a store in nashville.

taken in the ladies at the Hayden-Harnett presentation which was FANTASTIC. HH for spring is leather jackets and vests i died over and really really REALLY good bags. everything was great and IMPECCABLY STYLED by the incomparable kat clements...pictures to come, as soon as my dear friend ADF sends them my way...

off to day 2.
bensoni, cushnie et ochs, rag & bone, POP DINNER.
here we go....


L said...

nice vintage frock, great find

thesmallviking said...

dude. those HH ladies are killin' it right now. i LOVE the new stud bags, ah-mazing.

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