bloody and mean and rotten to the core

i think i wore this monday. it's all a blur.

thrift leather skirt / white silk off shoulder crop top fantasia / 80s charms necklace/cara croninger ring / fake wayfarers

this might be the only white shirt i own. it was on clearance in some store in portland and at the time it seemed like i could not live without it. it feels like you're begging for a wet tee-shirt contest or something tough..gotta stay away from hoses.

this necklace is like mo' cowbell, shit is NOISY. you'll never lose me in a crowd?


Sunshine said...

crap i miss my charm necklace so hard. why would i ever have gotten rid of that?

Six Six Sick said...

Your jewelry is killing me. Cara Croninger is a former professor of mine, and she's brilliant. I'm so glad to see you wearing her work.


FutureLint said...

Gaaaaaaa! Loving the necklace (and the fact that your lipstick matches!!) Next time I visit the parental units I have to dig mine out of the basement!

Isabel said...

That is pretty much the best necklace I've ever seen. I've always wanted something as crazy and obnoxious as it. But srsly, yours is PERFECT.

Unknown said...

there is no doubt that the necklace killer crazy fantastic. that is my next craft project/goal/dream

rachel white said...

that necklace is the best
x x x

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