emmy's highlight

dear anonymous emmy winning oscar producing team member,

marry me?
also: who are you?

also also: please disregard the fact that i sent this photo to my sister and her reply was "he looks like a thunder cat aaaaaaaand about 12 years old." my reply: IRRELEVANT

i think i love you?

call me.

salaciously yours,

EDIT: ok, this is why having a blog rules..MYSTERY SOLVED. the object of my affection is named ben schwartz (shana tova, ben. call me) and he's a comedy writer/actor/etc..oh and he has a blog. (thank you, kyle)


nickythegreatest said...

he won for the variety show! He was in the group with the oscars right?!
I feel the same way girl!
super handsome!

kyle said...


Dar said...

he is. ADORABLE.

T-Bonz said...

hey kyle, while you're at it...what about the bearded dude who actually accepted the award? Cause this all started when I declared that funny, chubby, bearded, (hopefully) Jew to be MY dream husband...


sister of lady lights

laia. said...

this whole post, including comments is made of pure WIN.

also: yowza!

Isabel said...

Trust me, you want to marry a Jew. It's just a good idea all around.

not keren said...

omg i just laughed out loud. like really loud. in public. when i read your "edit" just now. amazing.

obvs i love a jew joke

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