i like teevee, sue me

was i drunk (yes) or did N P H sorta kill it on the emmy's last night? totally made a snoozy awards show sorta..FUNNY? (um, except for that who jon cryer/toni collette win thing, i mean, WHA?)

anyways...the dresses are wayyyyy more important:

TOP HONORZ to bettey draper aka january jones aka icy scariest teevee mom for my FAVORITEEEEE dress of the night last night, holy crap.

SO hard to tell here but the bodice is basically an intergalactic plastic fantasia. so so cool.

the dress is atelier versace, her dress last year (which i remember because it was a reallllyyyy dope blue, avec pockets, win/win) was also versace...who is her stylist? very curious to know.

honorable mention/yellow ribbons for SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN'S MESSY HAIR BRAID!

i couldn't find a better pic, but i thought it was the dopest hairdo ever; as i had already declared superbraidenvy the other day over the models at WANG. like cooler i dream of jeannie (although i kinda think she is cool anyway).


one thing though about Blakey, though–in HD her head looked like a powdered wig with a horsetail attached to it; wtf was happening? from far away though, best herrdid of the night.


fuschiaaa said...

Yay, Blake Lively :) I love the atelier versace.

Lizzy said...

Blake's hair bugged me sooo much. I wanted to cut that big chunky ugly braid right off her head.

style-magnet said...

BETTY DRAPERRRR. Ugh, she looked amazing.

Hauteroxx said...

Mrs. Betty Draper/January Jones DOES NOT have a stylist she does everything herself

b said...

January says she hates working with stylists. I read in an Elle interview between Jones and Donatella that Miss V. wanted to dress Miss J. in everything Versace because she liked her look and her style. Basically, the ladies are BFFz.

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