i like to blend in, clearly

i would call this frock, if you asked, a psychotica pepto pink. only if you asked.
it is also very polyester.
and if you look closely enough? you can see that the collar is a SEVERELY pointed affair.

the dangle on that jangle is also a giant pink stone ball with gold coins inset in it. except i kep losing the coins and replacing them with dimes. (classy broad)

ps, please tell me you know that the above lettering is a diana vreeland quote?


laia. said...

i fuckin love this dress on you, lady!

and yes i knew :)

hard liquor; soft holes said...

what's weird is that i was just watching video fashion daily and tia cabrini (carrera or whatever) of ports used that quote (unattributed) as well.

Rachel said...

that is the most epicly pointed collar I have every seen.

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