i like your style

i never worked up the courage this week to introduce myself to OLIVIER ZAHM.

i did, however, have no qualms about photographing his shiny green HEELS at the Zero+Maria Cornejo show.

can you stand it???? that boot is no joke!


josephine said...

hellz yeah! haha I don't blame you in the presence of such greatness

Bianca said...


cougs said...

since moving to nyc two years ago, i've only been truly starstruck on 2 occasions - the first being the time michael k. of d-listed walked by my table while i was dining on the patio of 7A.
the second was when i saw olivier zahm at the closing day of the francis bacon show at the met. i followed him through the show in awe. the woman he was with had the most amazing heels on but i was too scared to ask her who made them.

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