it seems like years ago already

i am SO BEHIND. so so so very blogbehind.
this FASHION WEEK we speak of, it's all a whirlwind of people and flashes and smalltalk and taxis and derek blasberg obsessively tweeting tavi's every move (does someone have a crush?)

i am gonna try to stick to chronology but time may get a tad ELASTIC on here in the days to come, bear with me please.

lets start with:
the party, the POP party. friday night.
larry gagosian's house. (when i say "house" i mean, HOUSE. elevator, sick art, amazing furniture..a swimming pool wth a clear plastic cover that coubled as dancefloor? NO BIG DEAL)

i, of course, danced most of the time? and didn't really take pictures?

me & laia, wine wine wine

i met gwen stefani and her huband BUSH. they look exactly like papparazzi photos of them; quite attractive. bjork was there and sofia coppola and proenzas and like, everyone?
i met MARYKATE which was sorta epic.

covergirl in rodarte

i tried to work up the courage all night to say something ANYTHING to olivier zahm, but i chickened out. and he was too busy dancing with daphne guinness ANYWAYS.

laia's boots

once my I R L friend alex "new haircut" hawgood showed up i was a crazed out dance machine. alex even got tavi out on the floor and totally made her kick out the jams.

alex. yohji anorak, ok? don't worry about it.

the amount of art in this house made my heart happy and hurt at the same time. so much goodness on every wall. the room we checked our COATS in was full of like, 30 warhols. amaze.

kate, shortstack, father of shortstack

laia & i stayed laaaaaaaate late with our POPgal becks and larry himself. talkin music and 90s.
you know why i loved larry gagosian? BECAUSE LARRY GAGOSIAN LOVES THE 90S.
to quote him:
"i love the 90s. they were just like the 70s but with tons of cash"
and i died.

hiding, gossiping, nerd alerting


laia. said...

#1 laarry laaarry larry and his 90s quote is brilliant

#2 what if olivier zahm took a bath is probably one of your greatest tags ever.

TobyOliverDean said...

I diiiiie

Isabel said...

Yay! This post was pretty exciting, you guys are all so fabulous ad cute and OMG IT'S TAVI'S DAD!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

all around.

Emilie said...

This sounds pretty epic all around.

josephine said...

all kinds of right and awesome

WREN said...

omgs where does one begin.

brodie said...

this is the second time in 3 days that i've heard of someone being at a party with sofia. i hate you right now as much i hate my boss. though not as much as i hate the intern who was sitting next to me at work after i shared this news who said, "oh yeah, i was just in opening ceremony in new york and spike jonze was there. it was cool." DERROBBVVZZZZZ! ugh.

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