the light is coming back to my eyes

new york is a styleblog ORGY right now.
not only was camille the childhood flames on my flight from portland to new york, but i finally got a chance to meet ZANA, miss garbagedress, I R L. what is so weird is that the second i met her i felt like we'd always known each other? strange, that.

photo from zana's blog...

photo taken way too late after too many whiskeys on E 2nd street, a block from my old apartment. good grief look at my face, sloppz
there are photos of me on that carousel horse behind us THAT SHALL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY. (you heard me, adf), too bad so sad not really cuz i look like a hag (RHYMES!)


Isabel said...

You guys are pretty much my fave.

jill said...

you are so never coming back to the west coast!

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