maybe fashion makes the baby jesus cry


dudes..new york is WET.
not like, andrew WK I GET WET, more like some sort of temperate slow and steady chinese water torture. it makes trying to look DECENT like, sooooo much fun, REALLY.

and so, this is how it went.
slow & steady wins the race black leather pocket tee (cut to croptop, SO much doper), jonathan saunders for target pyschedelia skirt, marc jacobs richard prince-y naughty nurse shoes.

GOLD STARS for susie bubble who pretty much correctly guessed my outfit while we (me, tavi, laia, kat, susie) waited for cushnie et ochs to begin yesterday.

SIDENOTE: the aforementioned black leather tee was molested by a crazy person at my herrrr salon yesterday, i was like who are YOU...i realized who he was when i saw his MARC JACOBS logo tattoo, this dude:

merc's ex, jason preston?
dude is locobananas, if you were wondering.

pps i miss this marc


Sunshine said...


Kylie said...

Ok, so central canada is not the ONLY place thats underwater right now. Good to know. My outfits don't work with mother nature!! Don't fret, you still look hot (as always!). Can't wait to hear your runway reports, straight from the source yo! How fun, I wanna be there and not... here. Arrg

ps- I miss that Marc too... :(


Artsy Geek said...

The shoes are so cute, I wanna see more pictures of them. New York gets freeezing! I'm going in Dec.!

Isabel said...

That guy is crazy, if he got his former lover's NAME/LOGO tattooed on his forearm.

Bianca said...

lovely top.

Sara Bara said...

man i miss that marc TOO. the new marc is great an all, but i miss the grungy preppy marc.

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