me n my calvins

can we discuss calvin klein for a moment?

i feel like francisco costa is secretly putting out some of the odd/coolest stuff at NYFW and no one is really getting into it! is it because it's a mega brand? i mean, those paperlike origami coats n dresses last season were sort of breathtaking and crazy...i feel like we should all be lusting after this stuff more!

i was very lucky to go to the calvin klein S/S 2010 show and i have to say, it was really beautiful. all the girls looked like they had been caught in the rain, drenchy lowponytails and slick skin but it was so pretty?

the clothes looked like these delicate diaphanous filmy dresses and coats that had been soaked by a downpour and then dried on a clothesline or something... i promise you, the photos take all the delicacy and wonder out of it:

you have to trust me, they were so pretty and weird and COVETABLE. i never go for a one-sleeve situation but these were so cool. the first section of all whites and the last sections pastels were my favorite.

they best ever though was the SHOES:

the white patent leather is SO MINE.
they are reminding me of the Sassy magazine editor craze of the mid-90s when they all took their birkenstocks to st mark's and got mega platforms put on them*.

wrong + right = so best

i may need to recreate this this winter, who's with me?

*thank you marissa for reminding me of that phase a few weeks ago, i CANNOT BELIEVE i forgot about it...


Amanda said...

yup, totes noticed these sandals too...calvin's shoes aren't too too pricey right?

fuschiaaa said...

I always love Calvin Klein, the a/w 08 colection was gorgeous... I can't believe that's almost a year ago :|

Isabel said...


liz said...

yes, yyyyes! love those shoes.

east side bride said...

yes please. in LA we need wedges all year round. obv.

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