nothing really happens in my secret life

fun with fashion, V mag peel off sunglasses edition!

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta:


david byrne ?



anthony kiedis?

white lights?
i tried and failed, colorforms don't stick to pasty white faces too well. mabes that's why ga is so TANNED UP on the cover:


fuck it, stick it to the mirror and make a hairbow outta that shit. we call this CREATIVITY and HOMAGE. (my parents would call this 'do you have a job yet')

ps white lightning tee in the house! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. duhvs, already made it a croptop


josephine said...

I vote David Byrne merely for the fact that I happen to be listening to Psycho Killer right now, although you and scarJo rock it well! :)


Erin Bradley said...

scar jo, i think. but, the bow- nothing really beats that.
erin from PREEN

alackofcolour said...

ah haha love the last one!
great blog!

Unknown said...

Haha I was just doing the same thing with my pink pair!

Bárbara Rosa said...

girrrrl, mr kiedis, who else?
one of the best blogs i've read in a while. will be back for sure.

laia. said...

shirt looks killer.

cant wait to be re-u-ni-ted

T'Nealle said...

it would be way more ga ga to have a stick on bow.... what was she thinking?????

Violet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Violet said...

hahah i love it

Vi from Cali

Unknown said...

Lady (boy) gaga looks like she was made to wear them but I am not totally convinced that's a good thing!

Isabel said...

Yeahhhh, your shirt looks so fucking awesome!

Your humour gives me laffs, every time.

Leah said...

hahahahaha like.

Move said...

I vote scarlet, shes so sexy wearing it hahaha


Pennerad said...

ha. bow kicks ass. this was hilarious.

amm4p said...

TONY! Because the the blue looks like the pool he's about to jump into. www.shoeyorkcity.com

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