regularly scheduled programmez

sorry blog, i took a three day weekend from my HECTIC SCHEDULE (shmarcasm).
i know that this is how you are looking at me, i would do the same:

but i am BACK IN THE GAME as they say (who says that? dunno).

i DID however manage to thrift the above AMAYYYYYzing lace croptop situation at the value village in methtown. i also wore it out saturday night which is pretty AVANT for hippietown USA. RENEGADE!

as you can see i have been VERY BUSY.

fashion week, you are so very close. i am already having OUTFITZ anxiety.


Isabel said...

You don't need an excuse for taking a three day weekend, Monday was Labour Day!

You'll be enjoying fashweekz, while I'm enjoying froshweeks from the perspective and power of an upper year student. Hehehe.

Jules said...

Well, you are excused. lol =D
Have fun and enjoy. =D

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Brown Mestizo

hard liquor; soft holes said...

love it. so kelly taylor's alcoholic mom. in the bestest way, OBVS.

Anonymous said...

who says that?? joseph gordon leavitt - 10 things I hate about you!

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