the snake can see you

can't find a good spot for photos right now

my face isn't cooperating either.

i've worn this dress for three days in a row now...it keeps me (somewhat) awake.
saturday night i wore it to an alice in wonderland houseparty where i had to crawl through a tiny door to enter and shared knock-knock jokes with a dreadlocked tweedle dum.

i can't remember it's origin; i think it's from seattle.
i am single-handedly keeping polyester relevant. (to myself and myself alone).


InnyVinny said...

Interesting party...way to go all out with a theme. =D

That dress is paisley insanity.

mir said...

i wish i could see your dress in more detail!

Daisy said...

Pretty dress!

Anonymous said...

hahaha... its a good location

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