well played, wangy

leave it to THE WANGER to have the collection i totally LOVE the one time in my life i will have a seat AND not be able to go (let's never speak of this again)...


alexander wang s/s10

i was thinking this week that i NEED a grey sweatshirt to croptop-ify and NOW i need a grey sweatshirt dress with a halfmoon sleeve and leathah accents. I NEED IT. don't i?
also, i truly ENVY any of you who can rock a long messy sidebraid. i should get extensions. (jk?)

anything to fuel my kneesock fetish:

alexander wang s/s10

could totally DIY this, slice a sock and add elasticz? DONE and DONE...luckiliy i have FREE TIME.

alexander wang s/s10

ok the SICKEST thing are THESE SUNGLASSES! just the next incarnation of a theme i love:

catwoman -> ghost world'd catwoman -> luella'd ghost world catwoman -> wang'd luella ghost world catwoman

and those shoes ain't bad neither.


Aviva said...

I mean can you be ANY funnier? I foresee a post-FW crafternoon on your horizon. Come do it at MYYYY house.

And PS- YOU discovered Tavi. YOU! And she's amazing. What a career-maker you are!

style-magnet said...


Shay said...

You would rock those sunglasses so hard.

janiekorn said...


you're welcome.

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