you've got that certain something

FALL INSPIRATION IS UPON ME. it better be, it's gettin cold up in here.
after spending a good ten days watching/twittering/texting/facebooking (remind me to slap myself later) about the"cryin" video by aerosmith:

i have finally fully formulated my fall vibe: neo-grunge silverstone.
i bought this skirt the other day and it sort of cemented everything in my brain..plaid flannel mini with a black tulle overlay? SOOOO NEO GRUNGE! sometimes f21 steps it up.


the full silverstone would be to wear this with my combat boots or those wood-heeled docs, but this is the alternate- clogs? i am so into it!

i feel like grey ribbed tights might be the fulltime must for this fall, for me at least. they look weird good with everything.
baggy crocheted sweater thing, free tweed coat (needs buttons, i'm getting to it EVENTCH). today's outfit is just the START, i need to perfect this jazz.

things i need to LIVE THE DREAM:
flannel shirts that i like (i have ONE from this summer's thriftventures)
a perfect ratty denim skirt?
...a bellybutton barbell?
stephen dorff
dramatic bungee jumps
a boy who will get half heart tattoos with me?

alas, the perfect flippy 1990s LA hair shall never be mine, not in the cards. i will have to be satisfied with (to quote molinga from earlier today) "silverstone by way of beetlejuice" because....that's my lot in life.


Aviva said...

you cannot go full throttle barbell ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?? But alas it's just a dream.

Please remind me to tell you my epic Dorff/Pivs off story. You'll full on pee bikini laughing!!!

amy lauren said...

can i tell you how stoked i am that someone else is all about clogs!? thank you very much.

Unknown said...

side note:
after she does the flying sidekick,
she recovers her Pendleton Aztec backpack.
also rad.

Isabel said...

You are my hero. Let's make this Fall a 90s one.

Kenza said...

lovely song :)
ooh nice. yes yes. i need some plaid/flannel shirts as well.
i do love the 90's. i feel like that tmie period doesn't get credit, fashion wise. but i mean come on the high waisted levis shorts, with a shirt tucked in. classic 90's outfit.

Katy said...

Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa. Go 90s! And I'm off to the thrift store.

Anonymous said...

That skirt looks lovely on you. I'm not convinced by the 90s myself as I have memories of crop tops and wrap around skirts - or was that just a UK thing?

Polly x

Samantha said...

i hope you mean the doc boots in red. ive been wanting those for a while!

Dee said...

When I was about 8-10 ('96 ish), I had a little obsession with clogs. I thought they were the most amazing invention ever. Sadly, now I don't have any. But I'm gonna have to change that soon.

P.S: My word verification is "angst". Very fitting.

Allison said...

Yeah Fall '09 of the 90's!!!

Is it ridic that I've been really exicted to tell YOU about my latest ebay acquisition...circa 1996 MARC JACOBS PLAID WOOL LEGGINGS!!!!!

I'm planning my entire wardrobe around these. Wanted to share. No one else would understand

I V Y said...

me love!!!

Colleen said...

That video totally explained the look i've subconsciously been pursuing all fall and late summer. Thank you so much for pinpointing it. Like, that's exactly what my hair looks like and I couldn't figure out why I liked it so much...

Unknown said...

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