Last night was...a success? To say the least? I had so much fun and as usual my friends are the best of the best, and not only showed up but a lot of you STAYED til the bitter, sweet n vicious end.

TONS more photos to come but check out my teenytiny fujifilm polaroids!

1 Andreas, my kisses on his cheek (The other photogs wanted us to get..more intimate but he is homo and my kisses are for someone else, sowwy)
2 Me & Veevs, secret lovers undercoverz, obvs
3 Laia & Chrissy, gangstazzz !
4 Tiffany & Jamie, teenytiny cupcake couple
5 Me & Ben (?)..i got tricked into kissing him. Right after he ordered a drink from me (??)
6 Chrissy, Corrie & Laia: Duran Duran album covers, dat chu?
7 Carlen isn't sad she only plays that on the internet. Keren went to a fancy mask ball afterward
8 Me & my favorote Kat..How did it take me ALL THIS TIME to come up with WL gang signs?
9 Cedez, Andrew & ADF! hearts hearts hearts

THANK YOU! And thank you every else who came. Bigger post and better shoutouts to come this weekend.

PS....POP gave Tav, Laia and myself these cameras during fashion week, but I didn't find film for it until 2 days ago. (You can also get it at Urban Outfitters i think?)

If you want to get in on this tinyfilm situation...I highly recommend it.
People were freaking over this thing! It is a lichubbchubb plastic cute thing, I have to say. And the pics are SO crisp. LOVE IT! I've been missing instant film gratification in my life.



Anonymous said...

I've had this camera for about three years and I swear It changed my life, best quality ever!
Glad your p.a.r.t.y went wellll xxx

Hazel said...

yo' tell Laia her gangsta face is hilarious

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

so glad it went well love!
+so sorry i missed it..

still fucking coughing like a creepy sailor+trying to take a social hiatus to expedite the process...but then i see these+get so bummed.

bday time tho..i'm there.

p.s. white lightning gang signs..YESSSS!!!

THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

Great job at throwing such a proper PARTAY. With:
Actually desirable loot, + beautiful ladies, + florescent tang-y bevs, + dancable tunes, + teeny tiiiny cupcakes, a success it was indeed.

Graciasss for the good times Mz. Lightz. I'll get into the kissing booth with you anytime.

You are a star!

ps. I miss Ben already...

corrie said...

I had a dream about that camera last night. So many shades of awesommmeee.

Aviva said...

Lizzers you're the best CO HOST EVERRRR. So fun!!! love youuuuuu see you Sat/Mon/for all eternity. PS my word verification is:


Isabel said...

I'm so glad your PARTAY was a success! We all knew it would be. ;)

laia. said...

wicked parrrrty times duuude!

Alberto Castro said...

Hi, I looove it, thanks for sharing! Come check the new posts, hope you enjoy it! ;)

Following you via rss feed, follow me too :)
@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

Mary Standish said...


Jonathan said...

Great photos! Will definitely investigate Fuji tinyfilm...

simply canvas art said...

I agree, great photos and looks like a good camera!

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