Ok, i am not one to go all craytown on a weird logo situation, but this is just wayyyyyy too whatinthewhat not to be a little bit psyched on.

The Campana brothers, who make furniture out of stuffed animals and assorted other crazy shit, have done a shirt for Lacoste?

They made the wearable version of their Alligator chair, which looks like THIS:

and turned it into a shirt that looks a lil sumthin like THIS:

i MEAN...I don't want to lie to you all, as we are all BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE..I think this is sick. I want to wear it. I want to TOUCH it.

And just for our Friday afternoon edification of crazy things to put yr fine ass on to:


For the record: I would like my dining room to be a filled with these amazanariums. (Can i make them? what a DOPE crafternoon this would be...)

I would like to sit on squishy sharks and eat bermuda triangle pizza with hot pepper flakes and talk about nothing. Sidenote, this is making me hungry. I need to find good pineapple pizza round here. Sidenote to the sidenote: I need to also find a dining room.


InnyVinny said...

That would be one hell of a crafternoon...totally doable, though.

That shirt is nuts!

Amanda said...

shit, i want to make one of these chairs too...epicnessss

Ross said...

lable-whory-ness(?) is bad, but, I really like that shirt..........like thats ridiculouslly cool.....where might i find such a thing?

Iris said...

this is the best blog post i've read in a long time ha.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

dude i've been thinking of dYIing that shit for awhile!!!
(passively of course)
and of course, as we have like-minded taste buds as always-pineapple/jalepeno pizza toppings is pretty much my favorite kind.

so. we need to go thrifting for some chairs+ebay a few lots of stuffed creatures.

game on.

though it may end up being a project for many crafternoons.

White Lightning said...

ross..you can get them at Selfrige's in London...

Gentle Bean said...


Ross said...

why can all good things be found only in London? When will the day come that KC people can find these gorgeous things HERE!?!?? bleh, rant.

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